Bacon-Style Seitan!

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Screenshot from Spencer's MarketYou heard me right – BACON SEITAN from Upton’s Naturals!

It was a limited edition offer from Spencer’s Market (one of those online product deal sites – but only for vegan stuff, which makes it infinitely better than the rest).  I was not lucky enough to get in on this deal before it sold out – a vegan tragedy. If anyone else did, hit us up and let us know how it is! Not that any product made by Upton’s Naturals (which my husband and I affectionately call “mustache meat”) could possibly ever let me down – their seitan is the best!

We must let Upton’s know that we want bacon seitan, and we want it now! Imagine all the vegan BLTs and the benedicts we could make with it! We could add it to our breakfast potatoes or bake it into a quiche! So many possibilities!

Update: Bacon seitan is now available on store shelves! You can find it at Wheatsville Co-op and other fine retailers around town. Enjoy!



  1. Carrie

    Whoa!!! I am so bummed that I missed out on this bacon-esque seitan adventure. We’ll keep the pressure on the moustache meat folks to bring it back. 😉

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