Vegan Week in Review

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– Gathering of the Tribes was a great success. The raffle was epic, with over $500 worth of prizes. Dan won an adorable “Kale is my Power-Plant” t-shirt made by local vegan t-shirt designer Jeff Zick. Jealous? You should be – but don’t worry, you can purchase your own through Rabbit Food Grocery!

Mr. Natural‘s first vegan-friendly Sunday brunch starts today! Brunch will be served from 10am-3pm, only at their South Lamar location.

– As a California transplant, I’m pretty familiar with all things Trader Joe’s, so I was really stoked to learn that they plan on opening up an Austin location by 2013! Most Trader Joe’s locations have a decent selection of vegan yogurts, non-dairy milks, mock-meats, and yummy frozen items – all at incredibly affordable prices. It seems like they get more vegan friendly each year, so who knows what they’ll carry by 2013? I look forward to finding out.

– When the story about cochineal extract in Starbucks frappuccinos first broke about a month ago, I assumed it would be contained to a couple of vegan bloggers getting the word out to warn people – but it turns out no one wants crushed up bugs in their food. What a surprise. Starbucks has announced that it will phase out the bug-laced beverages, and replace them with ones colored by lycopene (a tomato extract) within a couple of months.

– Sweet relief – Arlo’s is open again! They’re finally settled into their new location at Cheer Up Charlie’s, just in time for the next ATX Vegan Drinks, planned for Friday, May 4th. It’s going to be awesome, with a pop-up shop from Rabbit Food Grocery and baked goods from Capital City Bakery. You can also grab food from Arlo’s, Me So HungryFire & SoulVia 313 PizzaCOOLHAUS and more. Make sure to RSVP!


  1. Carrie

    Last night I enjoyed a cup of orange dreamsicle softserve with home-made and bug-free strawberry sauce from Sweet Ritual. It knocked my socks off! I’m such a sucker for the salted caramel sauce at Sweet Ritual that I hadn’t tried the strawberry sauce until now. Seriously, it’s the best. You guys should try that combo before they move on to the next weekly flavor.

    • Carrie

      P.S. I am so excited about Vegan Drinks! It happens on my last day of classes too! (Though, I’m excited about everything in this Vegan Week in Review. In general, you VWRs just don’t quit!)

  2. Gathering of the Tribes

    For the record, many of Austin’s businesses were so generous that we actually collected $826 worth of prizes for the Gathering of the Tribes, Austin’s largest vegan potluck picnic. We sold $500 in raffle tickets to benefit Sunny Day Farms animal sanctuary in LaCoste. All of the businesses are listed on our website and we’re encouraging Austin’s vegans to support and thank them before the next Gathering on October 6th!

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