Vegan on the Loose: San Diego

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Welcome to our first installment of Vegan on the Loose: your one-stop around the country restaurant review. I travel for work. A lot. And as a vegan on the go around the country, I get to constantly eat amazing vegan food. My first stop for this travel season was San Diego (could I GET an easier location to find tasty vegan noms?!)

For my first meal, I dragged (and I do mean dragged) my friends to this place called Veg-N-Out. Can’t. Gush. Enough! This place is like a vegan dream. It may not look like much,  but just trust me; it’s ridiculous.

We started with the sweet potato medallions with ketchup. Tiny golden disks of joy in my mouth. No joke. With some salt, they were heavenly. I even got the meat-eaters to agree on that one.

Then we have the Big Kahuna sandwich. Oh the sandwich…I can’t. There are not words.  Ok, maybe there are.

They use a “chicken” base that they create (like a BBQ-shredded-chicken-mess) that is delish. Then they add some vegan cheese, a pineapple slice, lettuce, tomato, onion, vegan mayo, and mustard. You get fries or salad on the side. I got salad with some kind of dill dressing that I want to bathe in (no, seriously…I mean that).

All of that, plus a locally brewed ginger Kombucha tea, and stick a fork in me; I AM DONE!

They also had some locally baked vegan cookies and brownies. I tried both the chocolate chip and the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I was licking the cellophane…licking. As for the brownie…it was a vegan brownie. Nuff said.

Overall, Veg-N-Out is a must visit for any vegan on the go. The menu is about 5 pages long, and everything I saw coming out of the kitchen looked amazing. Go, GO NOW!


  1. Galen

    This place sounds fantastic. I’m not to far from San Diego and haven’t been there since becoming vegan but now I think I need a road trip.

  2. Kimberly

    SD! College memories. I remember portions being pretty huge at Veg-N-Out. I’d always be stuffed and have a little something for lunch the next day!

    There’s a fantastic little place in Ocean Beach called OB Smoothie Bar & Subs.
    Get the Acai Bowl. Just ask for them to leave off the honey. It passes as a breakfast parfait if there’s granola. Right?? (Across the street from the tourist-trappy burger joint with all the license plates.)

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