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Sick of holiday shopping? Have an animal lover in your life who is impossible to shop for? Have parents or grandparents who just don’t need any more possessions? I’ve got the perfect gift for you! It’s my favorite gift to give, and would be my favorite gift to get (hint hint!) this holiday season – a personalized video of a lovingly rescued animal from Animal Aid Unlimited! With a $100 donation to one of the neatest animal rescue organizations I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, you get a video made just for you, dedicated to your loved one. But HURRY (in my best tv infomercial voice), this offer is only good for 2 more days!!! Get your orders in by December 20th, to have your personalized video delivered to your email by Christmas.

Because I’m a genius, I got my husband a video for Christmas last year (FYI – they also offer videos for Valentine’s Day!). This is what he was rewarded with:

Animal Aid Unlimited is an amazing rescue in Udaipur, India, that I had the pleasure of visiting while on a tour with VegVoyages (so nice, we decided to do it twice!). I may love Animal Aid so much, that last year I wrote a review of this awesome gift on Vegansaurus …. so to plagiarize from myself:

Animal Aid Sanctuary Dog- The work they do reaches a ridiculous amount of animals, thanks to their unique situation: In India, animals are allowed to roam freely in the streets, so Animal Aid can take in sick and injured animals, give them life-saving medical care, and if they are fit enough to survive on the streets, release them back to the same place they were taken from. Those who are unlikely to survive on their own are given permanent homes at the sanctuary. This policy allows them to treat tens of thousands of animals without the problem of overcrowding faced by American shelters, and no-kill shelters in particular.

- The other unique thing about Animal Aid unlimited is that they are able to provide a high level of medical care to the animals at an incredibly low cost. Some examples of this are: • $6,800 a year to pay for a full time Veterinarian • $1,100 a year for a Veterinary nurse • $100 pays for rabies inoculations for 160 animals These two factors combine to bring Animal Aid’s supporters some great bang for their donation buck: not only is Animal Aid in a position to help more animals than would be possible elsewhere, but it costs less to help each animal than it would at home. With every dollar helping so much, you can rest assured that your donation will be going to a good cause.

The facts may have changed a little since last year… but seriously! Can it get much better than that?!?! So hurry up and get your orders in!


  1. Jim Myers

    Hi…we have tried, you can be sure, but we have not been able to express better your lovely, cheerful and intelligent appraisal of our work at Animal. We really feel better equipped to carry on knowing that our work for the distressed Indian street animals is understood and appreciated by people like you. Your comments were the cherry on the vegan cake of year 2012…you are the best!

    Now, come back again and love to you and all your friends…

    Jim Myers…co-founder of Animal Aid, Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

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