Vida Vegan Con Scavenger Hunt Recap

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The last Vida Vegan Con has come and gone! We ate some seriously good food, we drank all the dranks, and we hung out with scores of insanely amazing people. We took on a lot with organizing a kick-ass scavenger hunt and after-party, and may have forgotten to factor hours in the day to sleep, but it was all worth it in the end.

We put together our very first scavenger hunt, and had a ton of fun coming up with ridiculous prompts. Our tasks were a little over the top at times, and may have overwhelmed some of our shyer participants, but the few people who took it on, ran with it. Out of the 35 total tasks, here are a few of our favorites:

It’s not going to rain on my parade! Form a mini-parade with at least three umbrellas.

Jojo's Umbrella Parade
Submitted by Jojo

Amey's Umbrella Parade
Submitted by Amey

“Woman laughing alone with salad” stock photos- a vegan stereotype in a nutshell. Laugh your way to the bank while holding any delicious vegan dish (even salad counts).

Jojo's Laughing Photo
Submitted by Jojo

Amey's Laughing Photo
Submitted by Amey

Sugar crash from all the amazing vegan sweets? Snap a pic of yourself or a friend utilizing an unusual napping spot.

Ted's Naptime Photo
Submitted by Ted

Jojo's Naptime Photo
Submitted by Jojo

Amey's Naptime Photo
Submitted by Amey

Erika's Naptime Photo
Submitted by Erika

Swim in a sea of your VVC Swag.

Amey's Swag Photo
Submitted by Amey

Jojo's Swag Photo
Submitted by Jojo

Ted's Swag Photo
Submitted by Ted

So. Ridiculous. A huge thanks to everyone who participated, and particularly to Jojo (Vegan in Brighton), Amey (Vegan Eats and Treats), Ted (Wok on the Wildside), Erika (Norton’s Movie Maps) and Rachel (Veggies and Meows), who took a vast majority of the photos, and are my new favorite people. If you’re curious as to what all we made these trusting people do, you can find the complete list of scavenger hunt tasks here. We can’t believe VVC is over, but at least we have the memories. Check out our gallery below for a more complete look at our favorite hunt photos (tip: don’t forget to read the captions).

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