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Parents Just Don’t Understand

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Cruelty Free
I'm so glad that I won't have to eat next to any cows or chickens in this establishment. Phew! Oh, wait...

It took my parents a good four years to accept my veganism. I’ve been vegan for six years. While they’re okay with me bringing my own food to events they are a little more reluctant to explore vegan food outside of the home themselves. Every now and then I’ll get them to try some nooch cheese or vegan cookies, but that’s pretty much it. Anything more might blow their sheltered, suburban minds (love you parents!).

So, whenever there is a celebration of some sort, we end up going to a lot of meat-heavy chain restaurants that have the ONE acceptable, slightly nutritious vegan option, which gets old really fast. I did get them to try Nu Age Café once, before it closed. That was fairly successful, but maybe that was because not everything was completely vegan? Since then, however I’ve only been able to get them to go to omni restaurants. They aren’t changing. I’m not changing. What’s a vegan girl to do?

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