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Top 20 Austin Favorites:

Salted Caramel Brownie Shake from Sweet Ritual

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Salted Caramel Shake with a brownie from Sweet Ritual.

You know the magic that happens with a brownie sundae, when the ice cream starts to soak through the cake? Now, imagine that as a shake. That’s the fun behind adding a Capital City Bakery brownie to your Sweet Ritual shake. This is not an official menu item, but it’s officially become my favorite off-menu item at Austin’s one and only all-vegan ice cream parlor. All you have to do is pick your favorite shake (mine’s the salted caramel shake made with soft serve), and then add a brownie. Your brownie will be crushed into your shake, and served with a big straw to accommodate the bits of brownie you are about to eat/drink.

I’ve never met a shake from Sweet Ritual that I didn’t like, but the salted caramel always takes the cake for me. The combination of sweet and salty is so good, you might just want to grab a bottle to take home with you. The recent collaboration between Sweet Ritual and Capital City Bakery to make ice cream sandwiches has also been a hit in our household, and we’ve been known to grab a few to take home and store in the freezer for a rainy day.

Salted Caramel available to take home from Sweet Ritual.Ice Cream Sandwiches from Sweet Ritual

Sweet Ritual rock star employee Nandy torching marshmallows for a Red Hot Vegans Sundae.While shakes and ice cream sandwiches are my go-to orders, I’m also a big fan of the chocolate waffle cones, and will order a sundae in a cone just to eat the cone. The RedHotVegans.com sundae (yeah, we have a sundae!), aka the s’mores sundae, is a favorite because it comes with a pyrotechnics show. After you place your order, stick around to watch the marshmallows get torched – and possibly burst into flames.

So next time you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, come visit this adorable old-fashioned ice cream parlor at 45th and Duval (inside JuiceLand). Whatever you decide to go with, be it a shake, sundae or ice cream sandwich, your inner child will thank you.

Disclaimer: This Top 20 series, presented in no particular order, is formed from the personal opinions of Marie and Daniel, and does not necessarily reflect the views of all Red Hot Vegans bloggers. If you’re not a fan of oily, sugary, calorie-dense food, then this series is probably not for you. For everyone else, enjoy!

Red Hot Vegans Sundae

A Campfire in a Cup!

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Torched Sundae

Sweet Ritual Counter

Sweet Ritual Menu

My favorite all-vegan Austin ice cream parlor and vegan hangout spot Sweet Ritual has debuted the RedHotVegans.com sundae! A tower of vegan soft serve topped with spicy chocolate sauce, graham crackers, and torched marshmallows. Watch your marshmallows get flambéed before your eyes! Fire + Dessert = Red Hot Vegan perfection. Thanks so much to Amelia and Valerie at Sweet Ritual for coming up with this masterpiece!

Sweet Ritual has another bit of exciting news for vegan soft serve lovers — starting today, Sweet Ritual will now be open until 10pm! No more worries about tragically missing out on after dinner ice cream!

Not like you need another reason to get your ice cream on, but if you haven’t had the motivation to try Sweet Ritual yet, now’s the time to do it. ScoutMob is running a deal: up to $5 off your ice cream Monday through Thursday. Enjoy!

Red Hot Vegan Sundae