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Rabbit Food Grocery Hops Into Town

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Do you ever find yourself perusing the online offerings of one of your favorite online vegan retailers and wishing for your own local vegan grocery store, where you could walk the aisles and shop at your leisure? With their online vegan store that provides free delivery to local pickup spots, Rabbit Food Grocery is well on the way to turning that dream into a reality. (Especially with their record day of sales at Texas Veg Fest!) We are lucky to have so many vegan-friendly grocery stores in town. But a 100% vegan, brick-and-mortar grocery store, owned and operated by vegans, would provide our community with the opportunity to sample the many diverse products that we currently only drool over in the back pages of Veg News Magazine. Such a store would allow us to keep our dollars in the vegan community, supporting cruelty free living at every step. And just imagine the benefits to the animals of providing a tactile browsing environment to the vegan-curious.

Jessica and Gabriel

Jessica Morris and Gabriel Figueroa officially opened Rabbit Food Grocery for business on January 16. Currently, the majority of their sales come from the local pickup orders. They partner with vegan-friendly eateries who host their pickups and benefit from the increased traffic. Rabbit Food customers can look forward to grabbing a meal at Conscious Cravings, or the soon to be reopened Counter Culture. If you pick up your order, only to realize that you forgot to order a chocolate-covered dillo, never fear: the genius Pop-Up Shop comes to the rescue. You can look forward to browsing the Pop-Up Shop when you pick up your order; it’s a unique opportunity to get a closeup look at new or unfamiliar products. A word to the wise: they can only bring a small sample to the Pop-Up Shops, so be proactive and place your order online beforehand. You don’t want to miss out on Sheese or Match Meat!

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You Can Blog If You Want To!

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Austin is absolutely my favorite place on Earth (and I am still saying that after surviving the triple-digit summer heat). We may have some crazy hot weather, but we’ve also got some fiery hot food and some smokin’ hot vegans! For me, though, the thing about Austin that takes the cake is the amazing vegan community!

Austin has the friendliest, most organized, and all around most badass vegan community of any place I’ve ever lived – and trust me, I’ve lived in some vegan friendly places. Check out our calendar and links page to see for yourself. We’ve got vegan blogs, vegan groups, vegan events and vegan businesses galore. We may not have the restaurant selection of NYC, or the weather of LA (or the cost of living of either of those places – suckas!), but we’ve got hearts the size of Texas, and that is something truly special.

One of the many awesome things about Austin - the Congress Avenue Bridge bats!

I started this website because I kept hearing people say that they wished they blogged, but didn’t know what to write about or where to start. I was inspired by the most awesome blog ever Vegansaurus and the writer that made it all happen, Laura Beck (whom I idolize in a totally non-creepy stalkerish way) to create a community blog like no other. The best part is, I get to blog with my friends!

Blog Party!
Love to write? Love snacks? Always wanted to be in an Apple ad? You can be a blogger too!

Now that the website is live, my friends and I can finally call ourselves bloggers, fo’ real yo! We have a handful of regular writers and a ton of guest bloggers just waiting in the wings. We’re always looking for more people to blog with us as well, so hit us up if you think you’re up to the task.

We’ve got a lot of great ideas in the works for Red Hot Vegans, including hosting our very first ATX Vegan Drinks! I am deeply grateful for all the awesome vegans in Austin who plan events, update websites, and own businesses that make this community possible. This red hot vegan hopes that RedHotVegans.com will be able to contribute in its own small way.