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Sweet Ritual Sundae
S'more Sundae from Sweet Ritual

I often joke that having access to so many vegan dessert options in Austin is the best/worst thing ever. The best part is that I can purchase vegan donuts, soft serve, and cupcakes whenever I want. The worst part is that I can purchase vegan donuts, soft serve, and cupcakes whenever I want.

Lucky for you, today I’m leaning towards best thing ever and therefore I share with you…

The Guide to Vegan Treats in Austin:

South Austin

  • At Bananarchy you can order a frozen banana dipped in vegan chocolate or peanut butter then rolled in an assortment of toppings. Genius! Bananarchy is open seasonally, so make sure to check that they’re not in hibernation before you visit.
  • Bouldin Creek Coffee House & Cafe sells an assortment of vegan baked goods at their coffee bar.
  • Casa de Luz, a vegan and macrobiotic establishment, offers desserts made with organic ingredients and no processed flours.
  • Sugar Mama’s Bakeshop offers three vegan cupcakes—Dreamsicle, Sweet Charity, and one rotating daily special.


  • Beet’s Living Foods Café offers an amazing raw chocolate cheese cake made from Brazil nuts. Feed this to any omnivore and I promise they won’t be able to tell that it’s vegan or raw. Beet’s offers other dessert options, but you’ll have to stop in to find out what’s available, as their section changes.
  • The bakery at the downtown location of Whole Foods Market offers a variety of vegan donuts including a giant glazed donut that is possibly a foot in diameter. They also sell vegan apple fritters, brownies, muffins, cake, chocolate chip cookies and gelato.

East Austin

  • Cheer Up Charlies doesn’t offer much for dessert, but if you find yourself there, be sure to order a vegan chocolate truffle.
  • Handshakes, a food trailer specializing in unique milkshake flavors, can whip up milkshakes using vegan ingredients. Order the Good Morning milkshake veganized (oatmeal, vanilla ice cream, and cinnamon) and enjoy breakfast for dessert!

Hyde Park/University of Texas

Quack's Bakery Cake Truffle
Cake Truffle from Quack's Bakery

  • Daily Juice specializes in fresh juices and smoothies and also carries raw, vegan desserts. (see Nurturess)
  • The dessert selection at Mother’s Café and Garden includes a vegan chocolate cake, 3 kinds of pies, and an almond mocha torte.
  • The menu at Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery contains 5 vegan desserts — lemon cupcakes, peanut butter cups, trail mix, truffles, and double chocolate muffins.
  • Sweet Ritual, located inside the Daily Juice, is an adorable all-vegan ice cream parlor where you can order soft serve in homemade waffle cones, milkshakes, and sundaes with 20 different toppings/sauces. Check out their website for the flavor of the week.
  • Toy Joy not only offers unique toys and gifts, they also serve up dairy-free ice cream, floats, sundaes, and milkshakes.
  • Wheatsville Co-op sells a variety of vegan goodies—cakes, almond butter cookies, donuts (see Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery), peanut butter cups, a tub of chocolate chip cookie dough (see Celeste’s Best) and more, if you can believe it!

North Austin

  • The Steeping Room offers two kinds of vegan and gluten-free cookies, as well as a cupcake. Enjoy one with a hot tea from their extensive tea selection.

Multiple Locations

Hey Cupcake Trailer
Hey Cupcake trailer on South Congress

  • Amy’s Ice Creams offers two flavors of fruit ices at each of its shops. Most of the fruit ice flavors are no fat (or low fat) and all are vegan. The flavors change daily. They have several locations throughout the city.
  • Celeste’s Best has been selling vegan baked goods in Austin since 2001. You can find her cupcakes and other vegan treats, including chocolate chip cookie dough, at Hey Cupcake, Wheatsville, Monkey Wrench Books, and 5 local coffee shops (see website for locations).
  • Two of the Hey Cupcake locations (1600 block of S. Congress & 5530 Burnet Road) offer a vegan cupcake option (see: Celeste’s Best)
  • Kerby Lane Cafe offers a vegan lemon strawberry cake and a tofu cheese cake. They have several locations throughout the city.
  • Mr. Natural has two large cases full of desserts, about half of which are vegan. They also offer custom order cakes. They have two locations — one east and one south.
  • Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery makes 6 different flavored donuts including maple glazed with candied walnuts. Although they don’t have a store front yet, you can purchase their donuts at Wheatsville, the HOPE Farmer’s Market, and several local coffee shops. Check their website to find out which days the donuts are restocked at each location.

Custom Order

  • Capital City Bakery is a brand new, all-vegan bakery that will be selling cupcakes and cake for custom order. They plan to open a trailer in the near future and will also be selling desserts at Counter Culture and Rabbit Food Grocery. Some of their specials include: Raspberry Blackout, Fauxstess, and Confetti.
  • Green Island Catering is an all-vegan catering company that offers custom order cakes and cupcakes that can also be made gluten-free. A sample of their offerings include: chai spice, red velvet, lemon, and 14 different frostings/fillings.
  • Happy Vegan Baker offers custom order cakes and cupcakes for everyone, including those with diet restrictions and allergies (unless you are allergic to deliciousness). Order gluten-, wheat-, soy-, corn-, dairy-, and egg-free treats that can also be made fat- and sugar-free. Their cupcakes are also sold at several of the local Farmer’s Markets.
  • Nurturess offers custom order raw, vegan cheese cakes. Their products are also carried at Daily Juice and the Manchak Food Mart.
  • Sugar Tooth Bakery makes custom order vegan cakes, cupcakes, donuts, and cookies. Anyone in the mood for peanut butter mouse buttercream on chocolate cake?

Coming Soon!

Mudslide Pie
Mudslide Pie Dessert Special from Counter Culture

  • Counter Culture closed their trailer a few weeks ago but they’re working on opening a brick and mortar very soon! We look forward to seeing what delicious desserts will be included on the menu.
  • Kat’s Ice Cream temporarily closed, but they are saving up to open a store front in the near future! Their menu included homemade vegan ice cream made with soy milk, almond and cashew milk, or coconut milk. They offered some unique flavors and toppings, like cinnamon ice cream over warm sticky rice.

So, what’s your favorite dessert in Austin? Leave a comment below!


  1. Marie

    I can’t pick just one favorite! My top three are the cake truffle from Quacks, the pecan bar from Wheatsville (tastes just like pecan pie!), and the peanut butter and jelly sundae special from Sweet Ritual (so sad it won’t be back ’til April).

  2. codie

    These are all exquisite! But I’m hoping someone jumps on the vegan cake-ball wagon soon! If anyone knows of a place/person that does please post it, my sanity will thank you!

  3. Alissa

    I am a vegan who has baking at Sugar Mama’s for almost 3 years. We have been really trying to build up the vegan menu, and have a lot of new daily offerings! They are a raspberry linzer bar, a seasonal pie (grasshopper at the moment), and a sour cream chocolate pound cake. We also have a chocolate chip cookie sandwich, but that’s been around since before I worked there, so you probably know that one already. 🙂

  4. Ingeha

    Happy vegan Bakery already offers lemon vanilla cakeballs to Housewine on Josephine rd down on S Lamar.

  5. kesten

    Hi brittany,

    Great article. I have a kitchen trailer at 1106 E 11th, the Sun Farm Kitchen re-opening march 7th. We have the following vegan deserts:

    Raw Chocolate Caschew Cheesecake
    Raw Avocado mousse pie
    Avocado milkshake (*organic coconut milk)
    and Carribbean Carrot Latte – Carrot juice and coconut milk with angustura bitters and spices
    Please stop by some time!


  6. Jessica

    It’s too hard to choose a favorite… Softserve from Sweet Ritual (Cubano is my favorite), Buttercup cupcakes from Capital City Bakery, the cheezecake from Beets, Mexican Chocolate donuts from Red Rabbit…. Really the question should be, “What is your favorite dessert at each of these places?” 😉

  7. Greg

    Kirby Lane no longer sells the tofu chocolate mocha cheesecake or much of anything else vegan, for that matter, Out of 11 different desserts (including three varieties of cookies), they only have one vegan option, the lemon strawberry cheesecake. The management told us at two different locations that they have changed bakers and have no plans to bring back the cheesecake. Therefore, my friend (who is not a vegan but loved the cheesecake) and I (a vegan of nearly 20 years) are boycotting Kerby Lane until the bring back the cheesecake.

  8. Carrie

    Great post Brittany! Mark and I love the apple fritter at Whole Foods. Sometimes we get one of those with some maple pecan sorbet, warm up the fritter, and put the sorbet on top. Yum! Great dessert for splitting. We also really like the cream cone at Mr. Natural. They used to put honey in the cream, but they changed the recipe a couple of years ago. They still use honey in some things, but they’re much more honey-free than they were a few years back. Also, last night I had a Bavarian shake at Sweet Ritual, and it changed my life!

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