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The Bella from Conscious Cravings

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Vegan wraps from Conscious Cravings - Spicy Chickpea, Chimichurri Seitan and The Bella.

Bite into The Bella wrap from Conscious Cravings and you’ll find a crunchy, flaky exterior shell, filled with grilled portobello mushrooms, onions and olives, all cooked in a perfect blending of herbs and spices, and finished with a creamy herbed vegan mayo and Daiya vegan mozzarella. There are so many delicious wraps to choose from at Conscious Cravings, including the flavorful Pan Seared Tofu, Chimichurri Seitan, and Spicy Chickpea, that it was hard to pick a favorite. The best part? At only $5.49 for The Bella, or any of the other tasty wraps from this all-vegetarian trailer, it probably should have been called “Budget Conscious Cravings”.

Conscious Cravings offers several ways to customize your meal. Our favorite modification is adding the quinoa and rice blend added to the wrap — it soaks up the sauces and makes for a heartier meal. When we’re extra hungry, we love to get the pilaf option: instead of getting rolled up into a wrap, the fillings are served on a bed of the quinoa and rice blend. You end up missing out on the crispy goodness of the wrap, but in exchange you get a lot more food for only a $1.29 extra. If you’re looking for a little something extra, you can complete your meal with Conscious Cravings’ famous rosemary baked fries, or cool off with their refreshing hibiscus iced tea or blueberry lemonade.

Blueberry lemonade, hibiscus ice tea, Chimichurri Seitan over quinoa and The Bella wrap.Conscious Cravings Trailer on Burnet, conveniently located next to a car wash.

Conscious Cravings has three locations: one on Burnet Road just south of West Koenig Lane, one on South 1st Street in the South Austin Trailer Park Eatery, and the third in the Dobie Mall food court by the UT campus. We like to head to the Burnet location, which is right next to a Mister Car Wash, and get our car washed while we enjoy our food – the south location is in a food trailer lot that features a neat indoor seating area with fun games like table tennis and foosball. No matter which location you go to, you’ll get the same great food, so you win either way.

Disclaimer: This Top 20 series, presented in no particular order, is formed from the personal opinions of Marie and Daniel, and does not necessarily reflect the views of all Red Hot Vegans bloggers. If you’re not a fan of oily, sugary, calorie-dense food, then this series is probably not for you. For everyone else, enjoy!

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