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Mac & Chz from Happy Vegan Baker

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Happy Vegan Baker Mac & Chz, served with a side of fresh farmer's market veggies

Thick, tender elbow noodles covered in a rich cheezy sauce, with little bits of seasoned tofu mixed in — Happy Vegan Baker‘s vegan version of this all-American favorite comfort food has it all. Each bite is packed with flavors and textures that are guaranteed to make you a happy vegan eater. Best of all, this lip-smacking cheezy goodness can be yours for only three dollars, so when you feed your cravings it doesn’t bleed your savings. (Yes, eating Mac & Chz makes you tell cheezy jokes.)

You can find Happy Vegan Baker at several of the local farmer’s markets around town (check their website for details), where they sell Mac & Chz in refrigerated containers along with other tasty ready-made meals like the ChickUn Salad and Lentil Shepard’s Pie. They’re all so good that I could dig right into them cold, but if you really want to make the flavors pop, the Mac & Chz and Shepard’s Pie can be reheated at home. Happy Vegan Baker also offers a wide selection of delicious vegan baked goods (e.g. cupcakes, bread, oatmeal sandwiches, even gluten-free biscotti), which you can find at their farmer’s market booth, as well as in several coffee houses around town.

Mac and Chz at the Farmer's Market Gluten Free Options from Happy Vegan Baker

Happy Vegan Baker Booth at the Triangle Farmer's MarketHappy Vegan Baker is a family-owned business, and their passion and enthusiasm shows through in everything they do. They were the first vegan business we ran into when we moved to Austin (purely by accident, at the downtown farmer’s market), and we were welcomed warmly with a big grin that made us feel right at home in a city that was brand new to us at the time. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, head over to the farmer’s market and visit the Happy Vegan Baker booth: their friendly greeting will brighten your day, and so will the food, with every bite from the first to the last.

Disclaimer: This Top 20 series, presented in no particular order, is formed from the personal opinions of Marie and Daniel, and does not necessarily reflect the views of all Red Hot Vegans bloggers. If you’re not a fan of oily, sugary, calorie-dense food, then this series is probably not for you. For everyone else, enjoy!

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