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Since the inception of Kickstarter, vegan entrepreneurs have used this crowd-funding platform to help kick off hundreds of ventures. With the right rewards, it can be a fun and engaging way to help grow our awesome vegan community. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite projects right now that need a little bit more support to make sure they get funded:

Driftwood Magazine

4 Days to go – Driftwood Magazine

A vegan travel and culture magazine that is truly targeted at the vegan community is such a refreshing idea. Driftwood magazine is for those of us who are already vegan, and want to see and hear about real travel experiences, and learn some of the best places to go from the locals. From the modern layout, to the gorgeous photos, the creators of this magazine clearly know what they’re doing. Magazines like this take serious effort, and for good reason, usually come with a serious price tag. Luckily, if you’re on a budget, they’ve been able to get the cost down to just $30 for a year’s subscription of the digital edition. It’s a steal for the quality of content you’ll receive.

Our Favorite Reward:

Pledge $30 or more – One-year digital subscription + a print edition of Issue #1…and a Driftwood temporary tattoo! Look hardcore while paging through our first issue. Four quarterly issues will be sent to your inbox.”

Blue Cat Cafe

11 Days to go – Blue Cat Cafe

Cat cafes are all the rage right now, and for good reason: they combine two of the greatest things around, cats and food! We’re all about Blue Cat Cafe opening up right here in Austin because it’s not going to be just any cat cafe. It’s going to connect people to adoptable cats and also offer some of the most kick-ass vegan food around – Arlo’s vegan food truck! I can has cheezburgers with my daily dose of kittens! What more is there to say. Be on the ground floor of what is clearly going to be the next hip vegan hangout spot in town.

Our Favorite Reward:

Pledge $30 or more – 2x pass to any Caturday event (Kitty Masquarade Yarn Ball, KittYOGA!, ‘All The Single Kitties! Date Night’, Awkard Kitty Photo Day, or Any Kitty DIY art Class.) + *YOUR NAME* on our ‘Thank you!’ wall in 12 pt font closer to middle of wall.”


13 Days to go – Bananarchy’s Second Location

Frozen bananas are my jam. I waxed poetic about this Austin banana stand in our Top 20 Round Up, and would absolutely love it if this crazy cool cart had a second location closer to us Northies. They’re the perfect refreshing treat during the brutal Texas summers, and luckily Bananarchy’s menu is super vegan-friendly. If you too would like to see more bananas this side of the river (this side being the cool side), then throw your support behind this local Kickstarter.

Our Favorite Reward:

Pledge $100 or more – One dozen halfsies delivered by one of the owners of Bananarchy, along with a singing telegram! Send to yourself or to someone else! Austin only.”


16 Days to go – Malk

This Houston based nut milk company is trying to bring their Malk to a bigger audience, and I’m all about that. I had the pleasure of picking up a carton of Malk at Tom’s Market a few months back, and was happy to taste how refreshing this milk alternative is. If you’ve ever gone through the process of making your own nut milk, you know how crisp tasting milk without additives can be – but unfortunately you also know how much effort and waste can go into the process too (I can only use so much nut pulp). This is where Malk comes in. They do all the messy work for you, but you still end up with a product just like homemade. Everything they use is vegan, organic and local. Malk is a company I would be happy to support on a regular basis if I had better access to pick up fresh Malk when I want it – that’s where this Kickstarter comes in.

Our Favorite Reward:

Pledge $30 or more – Receive a MALK button, a MALK apron, a shout out on our Facebook page, and one case (12 bottles) of mixed MALK minis (16 oz. bottles of MALK) delivered to your front door!! This reward is only for Texans residing in Texas.”

April playing the hurdy gurdy

In addition to these rad Kickstarter campaigns, we’d be remiss to not mention our friend April’s IndieGoGo campaign to fund her medieval renaissance music CD. April is a local Austin vegan blogger and renaissance fair performer, who features her adorable traveling hedgehogs’ food adventures over at The Traveling Austin Vegan. If you want to hear more hurdy gurdy in your life – please support her medieval renaissance music IndieGoGo campaign!

So many cool projects coming up in the works! We’re so excited to see how these all turn out. We hope you are able to find a project that excites you too!


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