Guide to Austin Late Night Vegan Food

Guide to Austin Late Night Vegan Food

While there are plenty of night owls in this city, there is one issue that presents itself, especially to vegans: food. When one wakes up late, it’s not uncommon for dinnertime to occur when the PM hours are in the double digits. Most veg-friendly establishments, especially during the week, close before 10pm. So what’s a quasi-nocturnal vegan Austinite to do?

Fortunately, there are many late-night options, as you can see below. A few disclaimers before we begin:

  • For this post, “late-night” is defined as being open past 10pm, since most other places close at that time or earlier. They also only have to be open late one day of the week, though the weekends-only listings are marked with an asterisk for the purpose of clarity.
  • All of these places can be categorized as “serves meat, vegan-friendly” unless otherwise noted. It looks like most of the fully veg and vegan places in town tend to close up shop early, unfortunately.
  • For the sake of simplicity, we only list the hours that are relevant to this guide.  Some of the places listed may be open on other days in the week, but not after 10pm. Only the days that they are open late will be mentioned below.
  • The hours and vegan-friendliness of these listings are, of course, subject to change. Contacting said establishments is encouraged, particularly if it’s been a while since this guide was last updated. We have only dined at a handful of these establishments, so we cannot personally vouch for the quality nor the veganness of their dishes. These listings are for informational purposes only.
  • By no means is this post meant to be exhaustive. If a certain place wasn’t listed, please do not hesitate to let us know.

OK, with that out of the way, let’s get started!

* = Open past 10pm on Friday and Saturday only



Open until


Alamo Drafthouse Hours vary; check website for showtimes Chain of cinemas; full menu has a few vegan options
Arlo’s 12am, Sun-Thu
2am, Fri-Sat
Home of the famous Arlo’s Bac’n Cheezburger
Asti Trattoria* 11pm, Fri-Sat Italian, few options
Bangers 11pm, Sun-Wed
12am, Thu-Sat
Rainey Street bar serving vegan tempura-battered sausage.
Bananarchy 12am, Fri-Sat Chocolate covered bananas. Cash only. Closed during cooler months and bad weather.
Baton Creole 11pm, Sun-Thu
3am, Fri-Sat
Cajun food trailer serving tofu jambalaya on a stick and vegan beignets on a stick. Rotating specials are often vegan.
Bennu 24/7 Café w/ a few vegan options
Black Star Co-op 12am, Sun-Thu
1am, Fri-Sat
Pub w/ a few vegan options
Blue Dahlia Bistro* 11pm, Fri-Sat “European-style” fare
Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse 12am, 7 days Popular vegetarian restaurant
Clay Pit* 11pm, Fri-Sat Indian
Conan’s Pizza All locations:
11pm, Sun-Thu
12am, Fri-Sat
Deep dish pizza w/ Daiya
East Side King 2am, 7 days (Liberty, Thai-Kun, Cheer Up Charlie’s) Trailer with multiple locations; vegan options vary by location.
Fire and Soul 12am, Mon-Fri
3am, Sat
Trailer with vegan options
Frank 12am, Mon-Thu
2am, Fri-Sat
Bar with vegan friendly menu
Golden Spike Rail Cart 10pm, Mon-Thu
12am, Fri-Sat
All-vegan comfort food trailer.
Guero’s Taco Bar 11pm, Thu-Sat Mexican, has a vegan menu
Habana* 11pm, Fri-Sat Cuban
Hoboken Pie 2:30am, 7 days NY-style thin crust pizza w/ Daiya or tofu ricotta option
Hot Dog King 3am, Thu-Sun Hot dog cart on Red River
Kerbey Lane Cafe varies; most locations open 24/7 Diner, has a vegan menu
Love Balls 12am, Mon-Sat Japanese street food with several clearly marked vegan options.
Michi Ramen 12am, Tue-Sun Ramen place with veggie broth and vegan noodle option.
The Parlor 12am, Mon-Fri
1am, Sat
11pm, Sun
Local pizza joint, serves Follow Your Heart and homemade mock meats
P.F. Chang’s 11pm, Sun-Thu (Downtown location only)
12am, Fri-Sat
Chinese chain
Polvo’s 11pm, 7 days Mexican
Quack’s 11pm, 7 days Bakery with several vegan options.
Sagra* 10:30pm, Fri Italian fine dining, has a vegan menu
Snack Bar 11pm, 7 days Brunch, diner fare
Sweet Ritual 11pm, Fri-Sat (seasonal hours) All-vegan ice cream parlor.
Takoba* 11pm, Fri-Sat Mexican, marks vegetarian items on menu
Thai Kitchen 12am, Sun-Thu
1am, Fri-Sat
Uchi + Uchiko* 11pm, Fri-Sat Upscale sushi place, accommodates vegans.
Via313 12am, Mon-Wed (Oak Hill open till 12 7 days)
2am, Thu-Sat (Rainey St. until 1am)
12am, Sun (Except Rainey St.)
“Detroit-style” pizza served at two trailers and a brick-and-mortar in Oak Hill, serves Follow Your Heart
The Vegan Yacht 12am, Mon-Sat All-vegan trailer with bar food menu.
Vivo* 10:30pm, Fri-Sat Mexican
Wheatsville 11pm, 7 days Deli closes at 9pm, but grab-n-go prepared foods are always available.
Whip In 12am, 7 days Bar serving Indian food

To sum it all up: There are a number of options for the late-night herbivore, but they drop off precipitously as the night goes on. Several restaurants are open until 11pm or midnight (particularly on weekends), bars and nearby trailers are there until 2am, and it’s largely 24/7 joints thereafter. If you get the munchies at three in the morning, and you don’t feel like making something yourself or going grocery shopping, we hope you like Kerbey Lane or Bennu!

The Red Hot Vegans Guide to Austin Late Night Vegan Food first appeared as the post “Hungry After Dark” by Pete. This guide was last updated on May 5th, 2015.

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