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We put the fun in fundraiser!

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Fundraiser for Animal Aid UnlimitedWhat are y’all up to on Saturday, February 7th? How about joining us for a very special event to raise some money for a fabulous cause?

Dan and I here at Red Hot Vegans have teamed up with some wonderful folks to organize a fundraiser for an organization that has touched our lives personally, Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur, India. Dan and I traveled through India as part of our honeymoon a few years back, and had a chance to visit this wonderful sanctuary. We were blown away by every aspect of this lifesaving organization, and are so glad to be a part of these fundraising efforts. Animal Aid Unlimited works closely with the local community to treat thousands of Indian dogs, cows, donkeys, goats, and other ill and injured street animals every year. The ability to release these animals back onto the streets from where they came, combined with the inexpensive cost of veterinary care in India, means that even a relatively small donation has a big impact.

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Last Minute Holiday Gift Idea

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Sick of holiday shopping? Have an animal lover in your life who is impossible to shop for? Have parents or grandparents who just don’t need any more possessions? I’ve got the perfect gift for you! It’s my favorite gift to give, and would be my favorite gift to get (hint hint!) this holiday season – a personalized video of a lovingly rescued animal from Animal Aid Unlimited! With a $100 donation to one of the neatest animal rescue organizations I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, you get a video made just for you, dedicated to your loved one. But HURRY (in my best tv infomercial voice), this offer is only good for 2 more days!!! Get your orders in by December 20th, to have your personalized video delivered to your email by Christmas.

Because I’m a genius, I got my husband a video for Christmas last year (FYI – they also offer videos for Valentine’s Day!). This is what he was rewarded with:

Animal Aid Unlimited is an amazing rescue in Udaipur, India, that I had the pleasure of visiting while on a tour with VegVoyages (so nice, we decided to do it twice!). I may love Animal Aid so much, that last year I wrote a review of this awesome gift on Vegansaurus …. so to plagiarize from myself:

Animal Aid Sanctuary Dog– The work they do reaches a ridiculous amount of animals, thanks to their unique situation: In India, animals are allowed to roam freely in the streets, so Animal Aid can take in sick and injured animals, give them life-saving medical care, and if they are fit enough to survive on the streets, release them back to the same place they were taken from. Those who are unlikely to survive on their own are given permanent homes at the sanctuary. This policy allows them to treat tens of thousands of animals without the problem of overcrowding faced by American shelters, and no-kill shelters in particular.

– The other unique thing about Animal Aid unlimited is that they are able to provide a high level of medical care to the animals at an incredibly low cost. Some examples of this are: • $6,800 a year to pay for a full time Veterinarian • $1,100 a year for a Veterinary nurse • $100 pays for rabies inoculations for 160 animals These two factors combine to bring Animal Aid’s supporters some great bang for their donation buck: not only is Animal Aid in a position to help more animals than would be possible elsewhere, but it costs less to help each animal than it would at home. With every dollar helping so much, you can rest assured that your donation will be going to a good cause.

The facts may have changed a little since last year… but seriously! Can it get much better than that?!?! So hurry up and get your orders in!

A Fall Pumpkin Treat and a Bake Sale for SARA Animal Sanctuary

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Who doesn’t love the fall? The leaves begin to turn deep orange and red colors. Sweaters make their way out of the bottom drawer and onto our shoulders to keep us warm during  nippy evening strolls with our dogs (also wearing sweaters) through Central Park — wait — this is not the New York of When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. This is Austin, and our Zilker Park is still recovering from the throngs of people treading all over it for the Austin City Limits music festival. Yes, this is Austin, where pretty falls days are scattered between “unseasonably” warm days. What do we do in Austin to remind ourselves (and our dogs) that it is indeed Fall? We go to vegan bake sales, buy pumpkin-laced goods, and raise money for SARA Animal Sanctuary in Seguin!

Austin blogger Lazy Smurf recently reported that SARA Animal Sanctuary has fallen on hard times and particularly needs help paying their electric bill. Ms. Smurf has organized a vegan bake sale to benefit SARA Animal Sanctuary this Sunday October 21 at Counter Culture. If you can not attend the actual sale on Sunday then you can still sign up to donate baked goods and make plans with Ms. Smurf for a Friday or Saturday drop off. Alternatively, you can simply make a direct donation to SARA Animal Sanctuary. However you decide to help, please join the facebook event and invite all of your friends. Volunteers from the sanctuary will be present to answer questions, and Counter Culture will feature live music from Ken Atkins and the Honky Tonk Kind to entertain you during their popular weekend brunch. All in all, Lazy Smurf and Counter Culture have put together a pretty neat event for an awesome cause. And just to remind myself that is indeed fall, I plan to contribute something made with delicious pumpkin.

Obviously, I have been in a pumpkin mood tonight, so I took action and made the tempting cake you see pictured at the top of the page. To read about my experience making a vegan version of the pumpkin poke cake from the Something Swanky blog, click through to the next page.

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Vegan Week in Review

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– The wait is over – in.gredients is now open, everyday from 8 am to 10 pm! Grab your reusable containers and head on down to 2610 Manor Road. First stop, weigh and label your containers. Second stop, shop & fill your containers. Third stop, select a charity you wish to benefit & weigh again (less container weight). You’re on your way knowing you’re eliminating package related waste, while supporting local businesses and farmers!

– Haven’t tried Biscuits and Groovy yet? Now is the perfect time to check it out. According to their Facebook page, they’ve extended their hours to 7 am – 5 pm on  weekdays (though actual hours may vary – see comments below). Biscuits and gravy not your thing? Try the “build-your-own” burrito from their lengthy list of awesome vegan ingredients such as tofu scramble, vegan sausage, and daiya cheese – at $4, it’s a steal.

– Kristen, owner/baker of Capital City Bakery, is celebrating her 26th birthday with a celebration benefiting homeless pets in Austin!  Stop by the shop at 1901 Rio Grande on August 16th (5 pm – 8 pm), where she’ll be donating 10% of her sales (and tips) to support Austin Pets Alive. Help Kristen meet her goal of $500 – and don’t forget to wish her a Happy Birthday!

– The annual Rally Against Ringling Brothers will be on Wednesday, August 22nd from 6 – 7:30 pm. Join Action for Animals for a legal, peaceful rally at the Erwin Center to protest Ringling Brothers Circus continued abuse of their animals.

– There’s an exciting new all-vegan menu up at Mister FruitCup featuring soy yogurt and vegan whipped cream! We hope you had a chance to use the Red Hot Vegans 20% discount last month – the discount continues this month – just mention Vegans Rock Austin.

– Save the day and shop away on Saturday, August 11th. On this one day, a bunch of vegan businesses are pulling together to donate 10% of sales to a 100 mile bike ride that hopes to raise $20,000 for 3 animal sanctuaries. All you have to do is shop with one of the businesses (either in person, or online) on August 11th, and part of your purchase will go to the fundraiser. Participating retailers are too numerous to mention, but are listed on the Sanctuary Century 10% Fundraiser Day Facebook page. This ride benefits: Out To Pasture SanctuaryHope Animal Sanctuary, and Chimp Sanctuary Northwest!

– There’s a new vegan burger option in town! Thanks to Lone Star Plate, we’ve learned that Flattop Burger (at Manor and Chicon) has vegan buns and Goodseed Organic hemp burger patties. Goodseed burgers are popping up all over town, which is a great thing, because these patties are super delicious and full of great ingredients!