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Vegan Week in Review

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Hope everyone has recovered from last night’s amazing ATX Vegan Drinks Kick-Off party for Texas VegFest! The main event is today, so you better drive, bike, walk, crawl, do whatever you have to do to get your ass to Fiesta Gardens! Bring some money and an appetite, because the food vendor line-up looks insane!

Dr. Cow Cheese– Make sure to stop by the Rabbit Food Grocery booth. They just got in an order of Dr. Cow vegan cheese! I’m so excited, I’ve already placed my order, and my cheese is securely in my fridge. You can tell that a city has made it in the vegan world when you can get Sheese and Dr. Cow locally. Austin has arrived.

Coolhaus– Coolhaus has finally announced that they have vegan cookies to make vegan ice cream sandwiches here in Austin! Vegan spiced carrot cake cookies, no less. They have rotating flavors of Strawberry Mojito, Spicy Pineapple Cilantro, and Blood Orange sorbet to complete your sandwich. This is nothing new for their LA, Miami and NYC locations – but it was breaking news for Austin last night on twitter. I can’t wait to try my first vegan Coolhaus ice cream sandwich!

– Our beloved food truck Arlo’s has posted on Facebook that they are looking for a new location, because they no longer have access to electricity at their current location. Please let them find a new location soon, as I think I am going into vegan bacon cheeseburger withdrawal!

Vegan is Love– For those of you with children, or for those who are still children at heart, there’s a new vegan children’s book out called Vegan is Love that will be released on April 24th. You can pre-order it on Amazon today.

– My Easter plans are complete – my Egg Nots have arrived in the mail! I’m so excited to get my hands on these ceramic eggs and use all sorts of kitchen experiments to come up with natural dyes. Ecorazzi has a great blog post up, where they did just that. I plan on being a total copycat.

Vegan Week in Review

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SXSW took us all by storm (followed by an actual storm – super glad the animals at Sunny Day Farms are ok!), and while businesses are still trying to pick up the pieces, and we’re all trying to catch up on our sleep, here’s a news round-up of some of the things you might have missed last week:

zpizza Vegan Pizza– South Austinites can rejoice – there is a new zpizza location on Slaughter Lane, in the same complex as the new Alamo Drafthouse! The Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane has a fancy new bar called 400 Rabbits, and awesome redesigned tables – instead of several long tables along a row, there is now one table between every two seats. This is a welcome change for those of us who need to slip in and out of seats regularly (to go pee, or whatever, don’t judge!).

The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts in South Austin has announced a series of public cooking classes including subjects such as springtime vegan brunch, vegan mediterranean food, vegan desserts and vegan barbecue! The classes listed cost $45 each, and are held on Saturdays from 10am to 12pm.

– Cleanse ATX kicks off today. There is a grand opening party at the downtown Whole Foods tonight, and there will be a Spring Alive Festival this Sunday.

Vegan Cuts LogoVegan Cuts, an awesome website with all sorts of ways to save on vegan items, came out with an Easter gift guide, including 8 great coupon codes.

– Starbucks has two pieces of interesting vegan news: This Dish is Veg reports that the Starbucks Strawberry & Creme Frappuccino is no longer vegan, as it now contains cochineal extract (from insects). On a brighter note, Starbucks has opened its first in a chain of juice bars called Evolution Fresh in Bellevue, WA. They’re slated to have a bunch of vegan options, so here’s hoping the selections prove popular. People of Bellevue – get your vegan soup and sandwich on!

Kristen Bell on Ellen– The latest celebrity to go vegan after watching Forks Over Knives is Kristen Bell. This bit of news isn’t particularly surprising – as the girl is clearly an animal lover! I hope her passion for sloths translates into a passion for compassion – and maybe we’ll see her do an awesome vegan PSA soon.

Vegan Week in Review

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– Thom Yorke of Radiohead, a long-time vegan, was seen eating at Austin’s very own Bouldin Creek Cafe (twice!) and Snack Bar. The man clearly knows where to get some awesome vegan food.

– New events on the calendar: Including the Nomad Dosa Grand Opening Party, Happy Herbivore Meetup, Mercy for Animals Volunteer Orientation and a special SXSW Engine 2 Diet potluck!

– ATX Vegan Drinks event is up for this month, and it’s gonna be GREAT! We’ll be hosting this months event with Texas VegFest, and holding a raffle for Compassion Over Killing. Hope to see everyone there!

– Vegan congressman Dennis Kucinich lost the Ohio primary election for the first time in 16 years.

– Spring has sprung! It’s my favorite time of the year to stuff my face with chocolates made into all sorts of adorable (though not particularly vegan) shapes – like eggs and bunnies! I always feel a little guilty when my chocolate bunny no longer has ears, and then even worse when he no longer has a head, but that only lasts so long, as he soon completely disappears into my belly. Vegansaurus has a roundup of some vegan-friendly candy companies to complete your Easter basket (or for whatever secular reason you have for devouring pounds of chocolate).

– Jews are in the house! We blogged about HEB’s local kosher section. Allison’s Gourmet has a great post up about a compassionate passover. Mayim Bialik (better know as the star of the TV show Blossom) launched a new center for Jewish vegans, The Shamayim V’Aretz Institute. The LA Times had an interesting article about how you should honor Queen Esther by going vegan for Purim – I think that sounds like a great idea!

– The most exciting news to come out of Natural Products Expo West – awesome Austin vegan company Food for Lovers launched 3 new products! The new products include a mild version of their already amazing queso (targeted at big wimps like myself), a chipotle mayo, and a country gravy. I’m going to get a head start on my spring cleaning, and make some room in my kitchen cupboards for all these amazing new products!