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Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Carrot Cake Cookie with Strawberry Mojito Sorbet

Ice cream sandwiches in the haus! If you haven’t checked out Coolhaus already, I suggest you hightail it to their nearest truck. They are the sweetest little ice cream sandwich truck with multiple trucks around the country, including two in Austin (coming soon to Dallas too!). I was so excited when I heard that they offer a couple different vegan options, I ran out and tried them right away. Their current vegan options include:

-vegan cookies: chocolate banana truffle and carrot cake
-vegan sorbets: strawberry mojito, spicy pineapple cilantro, and blood orange

I’ve sampled both cookies, and all the flavors listed above, though not all the different combinations (there is time yet). And while some combos are stranger than others, there isn’t a bad flavor in the house – you just have to keep an open mind when creating your ice cream sandwich. We’ve tried a carrot cake cookie with the strawberry mojito sorbet, and a chocolate banana truffle cookie with the blood orange sorbet. Both were excellent, and fun combinations. They also come wrapped in these ingenious edible rice paper wrappers that help keep your hands clean.

The magnetic board on the front of the truck will tell you the current options of the day, and while I’ve yet to see a truck with all the vegan options, I’ve also never seen a truck with no vegan options – so you have a very good chance of finding some combination to try. You can usually find a truck parked at Hope Farmer’s on Sundays, and another one parked at 6th and Waller most weekdays, but be sure to check their schedule online or twitter for their current locations.

As the temperature starts to rise here in Austin, I know these little trucks will be a welcome respite.

Vegan Week in Review

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Hope everyone has recovered from last night’s amazing ATX Vegan Drinks Kick-Off party for Texas VegFest! The main event is today, so you better drive, bike, walk, crawl, do whatever you have to do to get your ass to Fiesta Gardens! Bring some money and an appetite, because the food vendor line-up looks insane!

Dr. Cow Cheese– Make sure to stop by the Rabbit Food Grocery booth. They just got in an order of Dr. Cow vegan cheese! I’m so excited, I’ve already placed my order, and my cheese is securely in my fridge. You can tell that a city has made it in the vegan world when you can get Sheese and Dr. Cow locally. Austin has arrived.

Coolhaus– Coolhaus has finally announced that they have vegan cookies to make vegan ice cream sandwiches here in Austin! Vegan spiced carrot cake cookies, no less. They have rotating flavors of Strawberry Mojito, Spicy Pineapple Cilantro, and Blood Orange sorbet to complete your sandwich. This is nothing new for their LA, Miami and NYC locations – but it was breaking news for Austin last night on twitter. I can’t wait to try my first vegan Coolhaus ice cream sandwich!

– Our beloved food truck Arlo’s has posted on Facebook that they are looking for a new location, because they no longer have access to electricity at their current location. Please let them find a new location soon, as I think I am going into vegan bacon cheeseburger withdrawal!

Vegan is Love– For those of you with children, or for those who are still children at heart, there’s a new vegan children’s book out called Vegan is Love that will be released on April 24th. You can pre-order it on Amazon today.

– My Easter plans are complete – my Egg Nots have arrived in the mail! I’m so excited to get my hands on these ceramic eggs and use all sorts of kitchen experiments to come up with natural dyes. Ecorazzi has a great blog post up, where they did just that. I plan on being a total copycat.