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Vegan News Bites

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Restaurant News:
Unity Vegan Kitchen opens on the east side tonight!Unity Vegan Kitchen’s soft opening is tonight! Head on down to their trailer at 2209 E Cesar Chavez (the lot next door to the future Capital City Bakery storefront) between 5:00pm and 8:00pm tonight to try some crab cakes, muffuletta sandwiches, spring rolls and pineapple cobbler. Welcome to the newest Austin vegan trailer on the block!

Bistro Vonish, which offers vegan fine dining supper clubs, has just started a Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of opening a vegan fine dining establishment here in Austin. The rewards for contributing to the Kickstarter campaign are compelling, with t-shirts, meals and fresh baked goods as rewards to help getting the restaurant off the ground. It’s no secret that fine-dining is one thing that the vegan scene in Austin is sorely lacking, so hopefully this will be just the kickstart we need.

Health Box trailer in South Austin offers 'fruit poop' desserts.– Fruit lovers will rejoice at another new trailer on the scene, Health Box. Health Box serves up frozen fruit desserts that are described as ‘fruit poop’. You pick the fruits and vegetables you’d like from their menu, and they serve it up to you sundae style, with different fruit toppings to make your fruit more fruity. ‘Fruit poop’ is just unadulterated fruit and vegetables, with no added sugars or flavorings, perfect for those fruitarians in your life.

– There’s a new trailer next to Red Rabbit Bakery on North Loop, and they’re offering vegan tacos! North Loop is already vegan taco central, but it’s Austin, and tacos are practically our official dish, so the more tacos the merrier I say! Head on over to Taco ‘Bout It to try their black bean mushroom, and sweet potato avocado tacos!

New Menu Items:
Vegan breakfast offerings from MaozMaoz, the international falafel restaurant located in the Triangle, has started serving up a new breakfast menu with vegan options! They offer “The TLT”, a tempeh BLT with vegenaise pita sandwich, and “The ’Fu”, a pita taco or pita sandwich stuffed with tofu scramble, sautéed onions and tempeh bacon. Both options are really tasty, and served up in Maoz’s fluffy pita bread. With breakfast hours Mon-Fri from 8am to 11am, it’s another nice option to have for breakfast up north.

TCBY offers vegan soft serve!– The national soft serve ice cream chain, TCBY, has announced a new chocolate vegan flavor made from Silk’s almond milk. The chocolate soft serve is available in town at the Martin L King Jr Blvd location near the UT campus and at the South Austin location on Slaughter Lane. Pair the chocolate soft serve with a number of available vegan toppings including fresh fruit and nuts to complete the picture.

Sauced, the Highland Mall pizza shop, announced that their vegan trial run was so successful that they are rolling out vegan pizza by the slice on Wednesdays and Saturdays! I love pizza, but sometimes (aka most of the time) I’m not in the mood to eat (or pay for) an entire pie. I hope more pizza places jump on this vegan by-the-slice bandwagon.

Selection of vegan offerings from The Dojo!The Dojo has expanded their vegan offerings! As if 12 vegan menu items weren’t enough, they went ahead and added 5 more! They’ve now marked a few items that can be made vegan upon request, such as their okoge ankake and their okonomiaki style potatoes, added a few salads, and most excitingly, they offer a vegetable set for their new table grills! I will not deny that The Dojo is my new favorite place in town. The food is good, the management really cares about its vegan customers, and the atmosphere is super laid back. It’s the perfect place for a casual drink after work, or for a full on party. Speaking of parties, look out for an ATX Vegan Drinks at The Dojo in September!

– The annual Ringling Brothers Circus protest is coming up next week on August 21st. Find more information about the event on the Action For Animals Facebook Event. If animal cruelty at the circus is news to you, please check this page out to learn more about the problems with circuses who use animals as entertainment, and what you can do to help.

Other News:
Simply Nice, vegan catering in Austin!– Since the loss of Austin’s only all vegan catering company to Hawaii, I know a few people have been wondering what catering company is going to fill those vegan shoes. While looking for other vegan-friendly catering companies in town, I was happy to learn that one of latest Natural Epicurian graduates, and awesome Austin vegan Sally Nicely has set up a personal chef/catering company! Simply Nice offers catering services, personal chef services and cooking classes, so future Austin vegan events have no fear, our caterer is here! Know of any other local vegan-friendly caterers? Let us know!

Will Blog for Food

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In the wake of our infancy here at Red Hot Vegans we perked enough ears to receive some free food from two different vendors: Soyummi Foods and Galaxy Nutritional Foods. Our loving blog czar Marie kindly offered me the opportunity to eat the free food and blog about it. I promptly ate the food, but I neglected to blog about it. Now, with Vegan MoFo fully upon us and the push for content ever looming, I decided to dust off my pics and give that free food its due.

The good people of Galaxy Nutritional Foods sent us samples of their newish vegan cheese shreds, available in two flavors: Mozzarella and Mexican. I gave both flavors a test run with a pizza and a quesadilla. Like Daiya and Follow Your Heart, this cheese is billed as a vegan cheese that actually melts. And melt it does! In fact, it liquefies. When we ate the Mozarella on pizza we had to do some quick thinking and fold our slices up like pizza tacos to prevent burning cheese spillage. Since this cheese melts so very well, you can get away with using a little less of it than you would with other brands. Additionally, I think these cheese shreds offer a sharper and more pungent flavor. Considering the sharper flavor and the extreme meltability, I think the best use of Galaxy cheese may be in a sauce. A creamy fettucinni alfredo sauce or a spicy southwestern mac and cheese sauce would really hit the spot right now. Whole Foods sells the Galaxy cheese at a lower price than some of the other brands, and that saves you money for dessert; which brings me to the Soyummi pudding.

These individually packaged puddings are low in calories, gluten free, additive free, and refined sugar free. Rest assured: they are not flavor free. I enjoyed these puddings, finding that they taste unexpectedly fresh for something that comes from a package. Though they are light and fresh, one package of pudding will not satisfy you like a Cliff bar or a handful of nuts. If you are like me, then you could easily eat the whole four pack in one sitting. However, if all you want is a virtuous little dessert then these puddings will serve you well. I tried the dark chocolate flavor (reminds me of chocolate mousse) and the tapioca flavor (such satisfying little balls).

So there you have it! Soyummi Foods and Galaxy Nutritional Foods validated our blogger existence with some free samples. We ARE a real blog! We are!

Vegan Pizza Day!

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Vegan Pizza Day is coming up on Saturday, June 30th, and to honor this holiest of holidays, we bring you a break down of the best vegan pizza in Austin:

Conan’s Pizza: Conan’s has north, central and southern locations, and they all deliver, so there is a very good chance that one delivers to your doorstep, which makes them an automatic winner in my book. Their deep dish pizza is excellent (FYI – their thin crust is not vegan), and you can get Daiya at no additional cost on Wednesdays. Also, there’s generally a $2 coupon that you can print from their website to save a little extra dough.

East Side Pies: East Side Pies is a conundrum. They are vegan friendly; they have a ton of unique vegan topping options and they have vegan labels on their menu. However, they don’t actually offer a vegan cheese option. This place is great for those of you that have never converted over to vegan cheese.

Hoboken Pie: A veritable holy grail of vegan pizza with rotating vegan specials including seitan and tofu ricotta. There’s no upcharge for their vegan specialty pies, and they have 1/2 off build-your-own pies on Tuesdays. They are also debuting a special pie just for Vegan Pizza Day called the Red Hot Butcher (topping details below), which warms our Red Hot Vegan hearts!

Mellow Mushroom: An awesome national chain that offers Daiya, as well as tempeh and tofu at their Austin location. Order a vegan pizza or calzone and sit back and relax with one of their many beers.

The Parlor: The Parlor wins for most mock meat options, with house-made vegan chicken, sausage and pepperoni all featured on their menu. While they seldom have all the mock meats available, the rare chance when I can order a vegan meat lovers’ pizza is alone worth heading over there. They also offer a vegan French bread pizza that is perfect for dining solo and they are one of only two places that I know of that use Follow Your Heart instead of Daiya.

Promise Pizza: Promise is an organic and super-duper vegan friendly pizza place. They offer calzones, regular, whole wheat, and gluten free vegan dough, and to top it off, they have vegan cinnamon knots (order sans icing) and beignets! Their prices are affordable, and they deliver; the only downside is that their only two locations are up north – so hike it on up there to get your pizza on.

VIA 313: Vegan Detroit style pizza in Austin! What is Detroit style pizza you ask? It turns out it’s an incredibly delicious, oily, thick crusted, rectangular pizza with the sauce on top of Follow Your Heart cheese. It hits the spot after a night of drinking on E 6th st. Visit us at ATX Vegan Drinks, and check it out!

Wheatsville: What’s better than Wheatsville’s popcorn tofu? Popcorn tofu on a ready-to-bake vegan pizza!

Whole Foods:  By far the best deal in town. You can get a large vegan pizza with three toppings for $14, and, on top of that, the same pies are only $10 on Thursday! Whole Foods gets a bad rap for being expensive, but their pizza is definitely not going to break the bank. Vegan ready-to-bake pies are usually available as well, and the Gateway location also offers tempeh bacon as a topping.

zPizza: I’m a huge fan, as they are the most vegan friendly national pizza chain that I’m aware of. They have a delicious vegan pie called the Berkeley Vegan prominently featured on their menu (it even has veggie burger crumbles on it!). Their locations are seemingly random, and not particularly accessible from central Austin, but I guess we should all be grateful that they are bringing vegan pizza to what would otherwise be vegan pizza deserts.

For our gluten-free friends (Note: I’ve never actually tried any of these, so quality is not assured):
Beets: Raw pizza – ’nuff said.
Milto’s: From what I’ve heard, this place is a Mediterranean cafe that also happens to serve pizza. Their gluten-free crust is vegan and, while they don’t offer a vegan cheese option, they will put Daiya on your pizza if you bring it to them.
– Promise Pizza: Offers a vegan gluten free crust. See above for more details.
– zPizza: Offers a vegan gluten free crust. See above for more details.

Now that you’re craving pizza, and can’t wait to celebrate Vegan Pizza Day – come join us for an awesome Vegan Pizza Day celebration at Capital City Bakery, with a pop-up shop from Rabbit Food Grocery and pies from Hoboken Pie! Capital City Bakery will be making adorable pizza themed cookies, and Hoboken Pie is offering 20% off pizza when you mention “Vegan Pizza Day” on Saturday, June 30th (for the party, and for pick-up orders only). They are also debuting a new vegan pie called the Red Hot Butcher with Daiya cheese, Field Roast sausage, and Yves pepperoni!

No matter how you chose to celebrate, we hope you have a happy Vegan Pizza Day!

Hoboken Pie: BBQ Seitan Special

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Hoboken Pie, already my favorite vegan friendly pizza place in town, has upped their game with BBQ seitan! The BBQ seitan pie is this month’s special, and it does not disappoint. It’s packed with Daiya, seitan, BBQ sauce, onions, jalapeños and a light sprinkle of cilantro. The pie costs the same as their non-vegan specialty pie pricing, so there isn’t even a vegan upcharge! The 14″ pie costs $17, the 18″ pie costs $21, and the 20″ pie costs $26. They even have 1/2 off build your own pies on Tuesdays, so you can get an amazing customized pizza for a steal!

In addition to Daiya vegan cheese, Hoboken has their own house made tofu ricotta, and they can also make vegan garlic knots! None of the vegan specials are listed on the menu, but the servers generally know what you’re talking about, if you just ask for vegan options. They’re centrally located on Red River and 8th St, and they deliver 7 days a week until 2:30am!
We decided to pick a pizza up to take home, and then remembered that we had just purchased some Parmela through Rabbit Food Grocery. I didn’t even know that I missed putting parmesan on pizza, until I put Parmela on our pie. It was cheesy, tangy and all around the most awesome vegan parmesan replacement I’ve ever tried. It’s got a super simple ingredient list of nuts and fermented soy, which makes me love it all that much more. Pick some up today, and get your pizza on!